As a reseller you get:

  • A Website to resell under your brand, Fully Branded fliers & banners
  • Automated billing platform to manage clients, Auto Creation & Termination of TV Accounts, Automated Email Reminders to your clients and more
  • Manage Your own Clients
  • Resellers Purchase TV Accounts in Wholesale Price of 10usd per client per month
  • Profits Range of USD 10 per client per month
  • 80% Possibility of acquiring 500 clients within 6months. Giving you a monthly return of 5,000usd without raising a finger 🙂
  • Resellers get setup within 48hrs
  • One time Setup Cost: USD 1000/-
  • Everything is fully automated from purchase to TV Activation to Termination at end of period for clients

Why Become a Reseller?

  • We provide a game changing TV service market with Over 500 Live TV Channels & over 2,000 Latest movies.
  • Rate of customer acquisition is high due to the value.
  • Most Households Spend $30 – $50 for Cable TVs & another $15 for Online Movies.
  • It is a monthly return business with low running cost and requires less time. Once you get setup thats it.
  • The Entire Platform is automated reducing human work load of managing client accounts and repayments
  • Easy to reach customers using ready made Brochures and flier in Estates.
  • The TV Service has a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Apply to become a Reseller

Start a High Monthly Return Business with a possibility of acquiring 300 – 500 clients within 6 months giving you an additional income of $3,000 to $5,000 per Month. The Client list will always grow overtime

500 Live Tv Channels, 2000 Movies, 500 Tv Series